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To lift disadvantaged youths in Tamil Nadu out of poverty to a healthy and financially self-sufficient life by providing the funding, guidance, healthcare and security they need to access and complete a proper education.


A world where every disadvantaged South Indian young individual has a secure pathway, through quality education, to a better life.

The state of Tamil Nadu has 32 districts and its official language is Tamil (தமிழ்), which is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India. In fact, it has 37 universities, 449 Polytechnic Colleges and 566 arts and science colleges, 34335 elementary schools, 5167 high schools, 5054 higher secondary schools and 5000 hospitals.


We work on a highly personalized, case-by-case basis. We identify motivated youths and provide each one of them with tailored counselling throughout their chosen educational journey. We are careful to not impose anything; we seek to guide and support the students towards their own calling.

shere khan’s history

In 2012, Noëlle, a young Swiss woman, travelled to Southern India to work in the orphanage of Arani village. She realized that there was no clear or safe pathway to a healthy and financially self-sufficient life for the teenagers leaving the orphanage. Many of them ended back on the streets, trapped in poverty, condemned to living degraded and dangerous lives. She vowed to change this by offering them a secure pathway out of poverty through formal education.

As soon as she returned to Switzerland, she started building awareness about the problem and securing funding commitments. In parallel, she raised 50’000 Swiss francs to finance the construction of a new dining room and bedrooms for the 120 orphans in Arani. Over the next couple of years, while putting things in place to fulfil her vow, she financed a second new building in the orphanage, called St. Mary’s Jesus Home for Children.

In 2018, Noëlle founded the Shere Khan’s Youth Protection association. The same year, the association signed a partnership with a well-established Southern Indian NGO, the Society for the Upliftment of the Economically Backward (SUEB). SUEB identifies the beneficiaries, counsels them through their educational journey, and coordinates the provision of housing and healthcare to the students.

Architectural plan of building


As of 2020, a dedicated team of 9 people in India and Switzerland were accompanying 428 students in Tamil Nadu: 102 in community colleges (females only) in, 64 at university, and 19 in primary/high schools. Most of them are orphans and women who are especially vulnerable to the dangers of poverty and homelessness.

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our team

Noëlle Alice Demole

Founder & President

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Dr. Priscilla Nirmalakumari

Local Partner Founder & Director

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Jean-François Demole

Vice President

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Me Nicolas Guiramand

General Secretary

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S. Dickson John

Manager of Activities

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R. Sridevi

Coordinator & Monitoring officer

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S. Vasanth

New member

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C. Jenisha

HRD & Admin Officer

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supporting partners & organisations

ALR Fiduciaire SA

A.L.R Fiduciaire SA in Geneva donates a few hours of its time each month to process our payments, accounting, tax declaration and compliance reviews. They ensure that our accounts are always in order and compliant with Swiss law.

Ypsom Partners

Ypsom Partners in Geneva donates a couple of days of its time every year to undertake an independent audit of our annual accounts and prepare a detailed audited financial report for the fiscal year ending in June.

Beker Guiramand Sepe

Beker Guiramand Sepe in Geneva advises us on all legal matters and helped us register the association so that donors can make their donations tax deductible.

Base Design GVA

Base is an international network of studios led by creatives. Brussels. New York. Geneva. Melbourne. Base does Strategy + Branding + Digital. Base is about people, simplicity and common sense.

Berclaz Associés

Berclaz & Associés Legal & Compliance is a company specializing in the outsourcing of Compliance, Risk & Legal functions. Our clients are Family Offices, Independent Asset Managers, Company & Trust service providers, Trading companies and Banks.

Chill Panther Media

Chill Panther Media is a digital media production house located in Bangalore, India. We specialise in conceptualising and creating content for our clients.

Demole Capital Partners

Family Office in Geneva.


Society for the Upliftment of the Economically Backward (SUEB). Our local partner in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.   www.suebgroup.org

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